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Temidayo Oniosun’s early success may be described as “creating something out of nothing.” From an early age, Oniosun was fascinated with the world beyond the stars, prompting him to regularly stare up at the sky whilst in Oyo State, Nigeria. Oniosun was unable to pursue a degree in university linked to the space industry since it was not available; nevertheless, this did not prevent him from following his interest. Instead he chose an unconventional path: creating his own space industry club, allowing himself and his peers to dive further into their passion for outer-space. Oniosun’s perseverance persisted even after he graduated from university, as the scarcity of employment in his preferred field became increasingly evident. Unwilling to pursue the allure of a career in government, Oniosun began to consider methods to start a business, which led to the formation of Space in Africa: “the Authority on News, Data, and Market Analysis for the African Space Industry.” Oniosun’s Space in Africa is now shaping the space industry specifically in Africa and how it is perceived. From being affected by lack of opportunity to helping create opportunities for other, Oniosun’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to be willing and eager to connect with people because it will genuinely get you far.. To watch the full interview, click the link above.

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