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A tragedy that would have discouraged most has caused the exact opposite for inspiring entrepreneur Kimberly Novod. Kimberly Novod’s dedication to effecting change is more than apparent. After losing her son, Saul, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Novod was determined to utilize the lessons learned in her experience to aid parents undergoing a similar misfortune. Novod’s quick recognition of the massive impact she could have on many inspired her to establish the Non-Profit initiative, Saul’s Light. With Saul’s Light, Novod has partnered with various organizations and hospitals to provide aid to families in need and hopes to achieve the long-term goal of reducing the number of premature birth and infant mortality with an increase in mental and physical support for families who need. Watch the interview above to hear more about Kimberly Novod’s story.

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