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An expressive and thoughtful mind, Omena Ukeleghe has built her way to the NSE D&I Lead at multi-billion dollar company Deloitte and founder of platform Creative Jam Sessions, aimed at bringing together minority creative voices and elevating new perspectives. Some may be shocked to learn that Ukeleghe’s current animated, leadership-oriented personality was formerly defined by a particular shyness and fashion-focused interests. However, her love for exuding creativity has carried from her passion for fashion into a desire to create a more equitable society for future generations. As a woman of color, Ukelghe defines Diversity as “being able to take those words, ideas, and suggestions and putting them into action.” She believes that to achieve more equitable societies, accountability and uncomfortable dialogues between the underrepresented and their allies must in safe environments are necessary, which CJS aims to facilitate. Ukeleghe has experienced her fair share of highs and lows and, in the process, has learned that “kicking the door” while not internalizing the opinions of others is the best way to navigate our harsh society. Thus, her advice to the aspiring youth leaders is “don’t let your fears stop you from making moves as you do not want a should’ve, could’ve, would’ve. ” Watch the interview above to learn more from Omena Ukeleghe.

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