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Global warming, climate change, and environmental protection are all topics that have increasingly become centers of conversation as we, as a society, become more conscious of how our present actions will impact the future we desire. Jennifer Gootman recognizes that a common misconception is that these topics are often associated with deprivation when they often concern “savings,” “reframing the issue, … and questioning one’s understanding.” Gootman, as Head of Sustainability at Williams – Sonoma Inc, is a trailblazer in actively working to bring structure to the goals of sustainability within the retail company and beyond. Gootman was both creative and mission-oriented from a young age and participating in the Tourette’s center’s ‘Future Problem Solvers’ competition that focused on addressing topics like Global Warming fueled in problem-solving identity. After graduating from Harvard, Gootman knew she did not want to be a banker or a consultant, so she pursued unconventional avenues such as engaging with Harvard’s ‘Let’s Go’ program and working on a project in Nicaragua to encourage youth to stay in school. Each experience had a cascading effect on her ability to excel in her impact-oriented work today. In her role, Gootman has learned the value of “bring[ing] your whole self to work” and has contributed to Williams – Sonoma’s pioneering work as the first to bring vision screening to factory workers. Gootman advises young people who want to make a difference to identify their areas of expertise and passions, lean into them, and recognize that it is not about having all the answers; it is about asking the right questions.

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