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Once having her hair torched by peers who perceived her culture as a threat, Mita Mallick is no stranger to the dangers of being different in America. As an Asian-American young girl, Mallick lived in a community that lacked much diversity and could rarely identify with those amplified in the media, stating: “I also felt excluded by the media–by brands, products, and services.” Drawing from her own experiences and understanding the widespread impact this lack of representation has on minority communities as a whole, Mallick became drawn to marketing and storytelling: two domains that allow her to change the narrative of “who gets represented and why. ” An avid contributor to Entrepreneur Media and Head of Equity, Inclusion and Impact at multi-billion dollar company, Carta, Mallick has proven that one’s differences represent strength and power. Believing that fundamentally, diversity ties to the representation of communities served, Mallick presently works to build end-to-end inclusion eco-systems. Ultimately, Mallick’s journey and work connect to her present mission of doing life without fear of other’s perceptions, biases, and thoughts: a mission of “Doing Life Afraid.” Watch the interview above to learn more about Mallick’s journey to impact.

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