Bits of Business partnered with Erica Paige, creator of Equality Magazine, in a written article for the September issue of her magazine. The article is titled “Change is here. Here to stay,” and is focused on the recent racial injustices, my perspective as a teenager, and what we can do right now to assure a future in which equality is the true reflection of our society. 

Workshop with Learning to Lead

Bits of Business collaborated with Learning to Lead, a co-ed college prep and girls leadership specialty programs, to host a detailed workshop focused on jumpstarting girls’ leadership and empowering their paths. The underlying topic was “dare to lead” and at the conclusion, the girls came up with ideas to move forward with in the future. 

Workshop with Wharton Global Youth

Bits of Business partnered with the Wharton Global Youth High School Program to host a session that discussed the intricacies of implicit bias and how technology and youth entrepreneurship can be utilized to combat it.