Behind ‘Bits of Business’

Founder and CEO

My name is Moniola Odunsi; I am a 16-year-old innovator, and I started this blog for a couple of reasons. Business and Economics have been a passion of mine from a young age and through this platform I have been able to show my love for the two topics, find out more about the field, and relay much of this information to an audience. The recent COVID-19 crisis inspired me to start this blog as, though terrible, it provided a unique way to look at various aspects of Economics and Business. This thought was the seed that has now grown into ‘Bits of Business’ and I hope you not only enjoy the blog, but also learn a bit about something that is and will continue to affect our world. 


Content Creator

Naomi Bamgbose is a 15 years old software developer, a high school student of Caleb british international school Lagos, Nigeria. Founder of the Rebirth of reading culture; a non-for profit organization established to advocate for the revival of reading culture in Africa. She is passionate about artificial intelligence and how it can be applied to real life problem.

Content Creator

Hai! My name is Marien Lovelin Suharno. I am thirteen years of age, hence I am an eighth-grader. I for one am passionate about enhancing the quality of education in my country, Indonesia. I value trust, from myself and others. I love mathematics, I play classical guitar, and for me, books are the best! Although, I can be doubtful and shy. I try to be more open to opportunities and grasp them whenever they unexpectedly come my way. My mission is to make the world a better place and I am dead set on it.

Content Creator

Hi, my name is Ann Maria Paul. I’m a highschool sophomore at Al Ameer English School, UAE. I have a lot of hobbies which include reading, dancing, etc. Moreoever, I’m passionate about being the voice for the unheard. I strive for a better world where peace and happiness dwell.